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Once Neo Black Dragon is defeated, he and Vassal Knight Gundam proceed to have a showdown but more Destrook forces show up. Neo Black Dragon destroys them for interfering and starts to have his showdown with Vassal Knight Gundam. However, their fight is interrupted when Sorcerer Big Zam arrives and transforms into Ghost Big Zam after taping into THE POWER.

Once Big Zam is defeated, he sacrifices himself to revive the Demon King, Sieg Zeon. Devoti arrives to greet Sieg Zeon but Sieg Zeon immediately attacks her. Seems that Sieg Zeon's alliance with Destrook is over now that he has been revived.

After a long fight, Sieg Zeon is defeated but he immediately recovers his wounds thanks to the energy provided by THE POWER. Vassal Knight Gundam is targeted but he is shield in time by Neo Black Dragon. The Golden Knight arrives and seals off Sieg Zeon's magic. He then helps Vassal Knight Gundam and Neo Black Dragon to recover their memories. Turns out that both of them are two halves of the same being.

The rest of the Gundam Knights then proceed to combine their powers to weaken Sieg Zeon. Both Shou and Burne use their combined aura powers to further weaken Sieg Zeon. Neo Black Dragon and Vassal Knight Gundam then combine to form Superior Dragon and finish off Sieg Zeon once and for all.

With Sieg Zeon defeated, the Golden Knight returns back to his world while the rest of the SD Gundams decide to stay until they are done helping BrightiX. If conditions are met, Dragon Baby will join up with Knight Gundam as a support pilot. BrightiX has little time to relax though as Marder is still at large and he has JoJo's mother in his possession.

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